Trusted Crop Advice

Serving craft farmers and growers that produce the highest quality hemp, specialty and high-value crops.


Hemp Crop Intelligence Advisory

Hemp Crop Intelligence Advisory services for hire. Comprehensive farm feasibility studies, crop planning, monitoring, genetic testing, soil improvement and decision making services. Developing Sustainable Hemp Farm Businesses

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Genetic Selection & Sourcing

Hemp Genetic selection and sourcing decisions are the most valuable investments being made. Working with a reputable partner will eliminate loss and increase reliability. CBD/THC content in a hemp plant is a function of the Genetic Quality. Sourcing the right products for the right situations to ensure a healthy, profitable crop.

Crop Management For Hire

Comprehensive Hemp Crop Management Services: Production Planning, Organizational Planning, GANTT Planning, Job Costing, Labor Management & Sourcing, Equipment Leasing, Processing Relationship Management


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Healthy Soil Biology

Decision making related to Healthy Soil Biology can be a challenge. Knowing what products to purchase, how to apply, when to apply and at what rate to apply are all examples of the Healthy Soil Plans we craft.

Healthy Plant Growth

Plant Health decision making at your service. Effective Crop Management Strategies to provide direction & control over the production process.

Agricultural & Horticultural Technology

Technology and Data has increasingly become more impactful on the Crop Productivity outcome. Crop Production Information system design, build, fulfilment & management