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Serving farmers and growers that produce hemp, cannabis, speciality and high-value crops.


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Crop Plant Health Care (PHC)

Mites? Thrips? Not sure what is going on with your crop? We will come out and do an assessment of your established crop and offer solutions for pests, disease, soil issues, and much more.

Cannabis Advisory and Management

We provide seed to sale solutions for all your cannabis needs. We will do full farm feasibility studies, crop planning, monitoring, genetic testing, soil improvement and more. Let us help maximize your crop potential.

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Product Sourcing

The right inputs for hemp are a critical factor in the productivity, health, and CBD/THC content in a hemp plant. We will help source the right products for the right situations to ensure a healthy, profitable crop.


Soil amendments for hemp

Soil Amendments

We have a variety of top-of-the-line soil amendment products to improve soil and plant health. These include silica dioxide, microbes, and other products.

Pest Control

We use biological pest control for pest management. Click to see our product line!


We have tech solutions for greenhouse controls and inventory management systems.